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Nadine Ruzzier facilitated clear, engaging and just overall wonderful workshops. They're filled with tons of new and fun information that has helped me learn and grow tremendously. If she ever provides any workshop in the near future, I highly suggest you attend! :)

Sara Chung, P.S. 156K

This planning session was well designed and provided opportunity for safe discussions, interaction and engagement.


Juliet Kissoon, P.S. 151K

literacy coach 


I enjoyed this series. It was engaging informative and educational. 

Abalsia Hurley, P.S. 137K 


This was a wonderful workshop. I learned so much from it, especially the list of books that emphasize and foster social and emotional skills. It also made me reflect on my own teaching.

Susana Carhuayano, P.S. 401K



Dr. Nadine Ruzzier is great at teaching the

"Social Emotional Series."

Alvin Wilson P.S. 156K 



Wow! Wow! Wow!                                                    


That was fantastic. Thank you so much for leading our families through this amazing session. You created such a welcoming and affirming virtual space. I loved how you used the different aspects of the platform to mix it up. You made everyone feel comfortable sharing their thoughts.


What a lovely group we had. We couldn't have planned it any better. 


Thanks, again!


Family Leadership Coordinator 

District 23 

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